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Chargeback Scam Recovery Services

Chargeback fraud happens when a buyer files a chargeback for a completely authorized transaction. These aren’t instances of accidental errors or refunds (known as friendly fraud)—these people are intentionally taking advantage of your business.

Chargeback Scam Recovery Services

Understanding Chargeback Scam
Recovery Service

There are various types of chargeback fraud, but these are some of the most common ones:

False claims of non-receipt of merchandise (INR)

The buyer claims they did not
receive the product, even if it was shipped and delivered. This is referred to as an item not received (INR) chargeback.

Unauthorized use of a credit card (fraud)

The customer claims they did not
consent to the purchase. They say someone
stole their credit card or
identity and demand a chargeback.

False reports of damaged or defective goods (SNAD)

Despite the fact that the product was in good condition upon delivery, the customer claims it was defective or damaged. Claims of this type are frequently classified as "significantly not as described," or SNAD.

Why Choose Our Services

At Financial Scams Recovery, we’ve assembled a top-notch team of experts to get your money back and give you peace of mind. With years of experience, our certified team tackles complex cases using a combination of legal, financial, and cybersecurity expertise. We work closely with law enforcement and financial institutions to recover stolen assets from various scams.

Our Chargeback Scam
Recovery Process

Scam Detection

Scam Detection

 Our specialization in fraud prevention can identify irregularities and unusual activities, such as irregular charges. We carry out in-depth scam investigations, track down the source of your money, and help you put together a strong defense against chargeback fraud.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

We equip you with knowledge and resources to protect your funds from future threats. We would also keep you up to date regarding the latest scams and the tactics used by con artists through our blogs.

Funds Restoration

Funds Restoration

 We’re focused on reclaiming your stolen money, even in cases of crypto withdrawal issues. With a deep knowledge of several scams, including friendly chargeback scams, we will relentlessly work to recover what’s truly yours.

Security Measures

We are dedicated to safeguarding any personally identifiable information (PII) you provide
us using this website because we respect your right to privacy.

Below are the security measures strictly followed by us:

Encryption Technology:

We make use of 2-factor encryption technology for the utmost protection of client details.

Secured Communication Channels:

Sensitive client information is protected by secure email and messaging technologies.

Client Authentication:

Strict verification procedures and multi-factor authentication to guarantee the customer's identity for recovery data.

Limited Access to Information:

Only authorized essential personnel can access sensitive client information to minimize the risk of internal breaches.

Transparent Communication:

We have a dedicated team to communicate with our clients to make the recovery process easier and more transparent.

Security Measures

We take great care to protect your privacy, but no automated storage system or Internet delivery method is 100% safe. We therefore cannot guarantee the complete security of your personal information, even though we make every effort to protect it using commercially reasonable means.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

About Us

Financial Scams Recovery is at the top of the game in scam recovery. We are devoted to assisting individuals and business owners retrieve their confidential information, such as private details and hard-earned money. With a track record of success, we are committed to recouping money lost to different types of fraud, such as internet fraud, investment scams, and impersonation scams.

We make a strong commitment to our clients by using advanced technology and strategic partnerships, and we strive to provide speedy and efficient recovery processes. You can depend on us in pursuit of your monetary justice while maintaining delicate calm. Our goal is to assist you in healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chargeback scam occurs when a fraudulent party initiates chargebacks on legitimate transactions, leading to financial losses for the victim.

Financial Scams Recovery specializes in recovering funds lost to chargeback scams. Our experienced team navigates the recovery process, working on your behalf to retrieve the funds and guide you through the necessary security measures.

The length of time varies based on how complicated the case is. Financial Scams Recovery is dedicated to expediting the process while keeping you informed at each stage.

Yes, our experts offer advice on securing your accounts, implementing preventive measures, and staying informed about potential scams to reduce the risk of future incidents.

Our team comprises experts in financial fraud recovery, and we prioritize customer satisfaction. We guide you through the entire recovery process, offering support and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.